Following the disputes surrounding the current electoral system (the delegates system), Outgoing Kenya universities students association (KUSO) chairman Antony Manyara is set to unveil an Independent Electoral commission that will conduct the coming KUSO Elections. The former University of Nairobi students association chair says, this year’s organization will comprise of radical and fearless students who will work fearlessly for the students, despite the electoral law that was clearly set to kill comrades spirit in the country. In a statement the former chairman says,

….This year, KUSO will comprise of very radical fearless students………. If option A fails, we go for the unpredictable option J.

Manyara is set to unveil his independent Electoral commission team today, which will comprise of 7 members drawn from the outgoing KUSO team.

In a bid to have inclusivity in the organization, KUSO will this time have 72 officials which is a rise from the previous 36. This year’s students body will have 1 patron 2 deputy Patrons and a 7 member Board of Management.

Others are 6 top Leadership Officials 10 executive Arm Officials
12 cabinet Officials 20 semi-Executive Officials and 24 devolved Government Officials. The devolved Government is set to comprise of 8 regional leadership. 8 Governors, 8 Deputy Governors and 8 Senators.

This move is meant to see proper representation from both public & Private Universities, Colleges and TVET Institutions.

The new system is expected to completely promote unity & cohesion and making this year’s KUSO the most powerful student Movement.

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