From way back marriages were respected and only were couples
allowed to live together until they were married. Today our cultures
have been abandoned by many of us the 90’s kids. Students in far
away universities are under no one’s surveillance and are free to
engage in whatever they find amusing. Partying every now and then
(this am not against though)i find it to be a phase of life, drug abuse
and now what I shall dwell on, cohabitation

If you have studied in a far away university from your home you
know what am talking about. People live together like married
couples and carry on with their studies and for them it is quite
normal. I mean there is no one and nothing that is stopping them.
Just like a married couple the lady will always be cooking for the man
doing a few chores and so on and so forth.

This is a problem that is rising in many universities. Why is this so? I
looked close enough and realised that many females who find
themselves here are those who stay on campus. Most of them really
want to live in the outside world which their parents would not
allow. So what next? They get into relationships with men that are
already living outside in order to attain that freedom. It really works I
tell you. These youth men are not like the husbands of today, it is
also clear to them you are not married.

So living with them is not a problem, you can do what you want,
come back whatever time you want, cook for them if you want,
come with a few friends. Basically they also want space for
themselves also so they will not be harsh towards you as it is not a
commitment. Just a way of living.

I went ahead and observed the females that were living on their own
with the freedom of their parents. It was quite opposite, most of
them were very responsible. They lived alone unless they had
roommates of which were female. They were okay and their lives
were on track.

Back to our cohabitants who are living together, even if they have
the freedom and all a few consequences later come along. People
living together sometimes do not get along and various matters arise
along the way. You may find that a couple may end up having
quarrels and this may lead to them drawing lines. Now our female
friend cannot go back on campus. She’s adapted to the off campus
life already, why so should she go back?

She will look for another partner who lives off campus and the cycle
shall continue. When we keep talking about the rise of HIV/AIDS in
the youth and STI’s and keep asking why, this is the main reason,

Then again, remember it is not a marriage commitment partners are
free to depart at whatever time they may feel like. They move from
one partner to another, of course they do not just sit in the house all
day staring at each other. Sexual activities will have to be
somewhere involved. Hence spread of diseases and viruses. As much
as we want our daughters to be safe, we cannot treat them like eggs
to these long. If we can why don’t we just let them live by
themselves and face the world as it is, then they shall live
accordingly. If she keeps complaining about living on campus let her
live off, she doesn’t have to look for a living companion in all the
wrong ways. It has reached a point that parents should understand
their children and support them to prevent such occurrences .

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