Do you walk around in a place and it literally disgusts you? How often does it rain in your hood and the only safe place to be is in the house because sewage is flowing directly outside your door. Think about all the times you are lucky not to step on a used diaper that a street dog drugged from an illegal dumpsite. Am sure you are noticing how dirty that specific place is.

You can change all that, yes the Changing Faces Competition gives you this opportunity to compete as you clean up your space. It does not need to be your own hood, you are lucky if you live in a clean place but it would not hurt to give another person the same chance.

The Public Space NetworkChanging Faces Competition is an initiative that mobilises citizens in Nairobi to transform their space to cleanliness using the cheapest resources available. This initiative was pioneered by Dandora Transformation League and has been done for three seasons already. The changing faces competition allows teams to register and then transform a space to be clean, green and safe within two months. Later a group of judges decide on what space has been transformed and maintained best and the best teams win Kshs. 50,000. One can also register towards supporting a team towards victory

Gone are the days when we waited for the government to do this or that. Everyone has a role in the development of our country. The changing faces competition gives you a chance to transform your hood, get an employment and then win your team some money.

Remember to sign up for the competition, click here Changing Faces Competition.


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    Tonie Twaine

    Great. That’s some good work desk mate

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      Mwathi Njoroge

      I love

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