Bio-Tech students celebrate after getting the award

Ambrose Korir and Gabriel Lekalosoi were the star-men as school of biological sciences/technology finished first to lift the trophy, scoring a goal each, in the final clash against school of Information Science/Business. The tournament organised by the current Director of Sports Lenny Karakacha, was boosted by Telkom Kenya who provided two trophies and entertainment for the audience.

Biotech players line up for a match against IS/Business

Four teams participated in soccer; School of Arts (SASS), School of Education, School of Biological merged with that of Technology (engineering) and School of Information science joined with that of Business. Six matches were played to determine the winner, a win getting three points, a draw one point and a loss nil points as ruled by FIFA.

School of Arts players join Federico Muia to celebrate his second goal

In the first match, School of Education and school of Information Science ended in a 1-1 draw, both sides showcasing great football, before SASS and Bio-tech succumbed to a barren draw. The bio-tech men garnered momentum in their second match beating the teachers courtesy of a lone goal from “Tink”, in the first half.

Ahmed, Patrick and other teachers witnesed their search for an equalizer get terminated by the biotech goalkeepers( Brian, Oscar and Kevin Omondi) who maintained clean-sheets.The physical sciences and engineering students had a great team spirit, managing several goal attempts with Tom’s free kick surpassing the post.

Moses Karani and Fred of Education receive the award for first runners up

SASS finished third lacking seriousness in their final playoff, some players abandoning the match to an extent of lacking a substitute for the injured Tony. They lost 1-0 to the teachers, Elvis Ochieng scoring the single goal, to help his school finish as first runners up. School of Information Science and Business finished last despite tying with SASS. They had a great squad with exemplary display from Melvin and Eliud but the red card issued to “Sisse” against SASS disqualified them.

Federico Muia from SASS was the top scorer getting a bag from Telkom plus cash, following his brace against IS/Business.

volleyball players with their trophy

In volleyball, School of Arts sooped all the awards, winning in both men and women competitions. The volleyball men received a trophy plus cash, with the ladies taking cash only. Athletics lacked enthusiasm after poor turn up but the few who showed up competed and the top three received their awards.

In an overall overview of the tournament, there was positive energy especially for the huge turnout in soccer and uniting the comrades. The matches were really important as the school teams prepare for the upcoming KUSA inter-university games, keen coaches tapping raw talent from the freshmen.

If the budget was more accommodative, the teams would have proper uniforms, first aid kits and a few refreshments for the participants, since some teams were playing two matches consecutively. The officiating was incredible except for the SASS versus IS/Business match where “Sisse” got into a fight with Juma Alphonce, the centre referee.

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