Today, Tuesday 7th May 2019, the Kenya Film Classification Board in partnership with Youtube has awarded online comedian Desagu the Silver Creator Award on clean content. If you have a smartphone, and are connected to the internet, chances are you know a video or two from a guy named Henry Desagu.The Youtube Silver Button is an award for channels that surpass the 100k subscribers as a testament to the hard work and dedication that a content creator has shown in developing their channel to levels that attract a large viewership.

“I am Henry DeSagu, keeping you entertained is my command. Check back every week and subscribe to my Youtube channel. Henry DeSagu Entertainment is a platform where people can watch funny and Amazing videos. We bring you a new video every week. Follow me on Facebook Henry DeSagu Entertainment. Twitter:@henrydesagu,” his Youtube profile reads, with a high of 141,223 subscribers, 23,921,540 views on Youtube. Desagu joined Youtube on Aug 10, 2016.  Henry Desagu, officially known as Ithagu Kibicho is an online comedian and actor who specializes in situational comedy. Having studied at Menengai High School, Desagu was admitted to Kenyatta University where he pursued a Bachelor of Economics degree.

Desagu’s content on Youtube is inspired by day to day events. The videos are very much relatable, thus acquiring a very large following in about two years. He rose to instant fame a few years ago when his name was synonymous with fighting sponsors and advocating for the rights of Team Mafisi. Desagu joined Youtube on August 10th 2016, with his first video being the Team Mafisi Press Conference that was received by a surprisingly big audience. “I never thought it would go viral. Then I thought why not record more videos and post them online.” DeSagu said during a past interview.

During this event that was held at the KFCB boardroom at Uchumi Hse in town, KFCB also gave a cash award and launch 1m for 1m content annual award. This is in an effort to continue promoting clean content in the Kenyan media scene.

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