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Written by on March 7, 2018

The level of uncertainty a twenty-something-years-old is faced with every day is disheartening.

These levels escalate and blow the roof off when it is now time to clear from campus and go meet the cold hard world. For some, the transitioning is easy whereas there is a group that gets it hard, really hard. For this group B, reality hits and panic kicks in when it dawns on them that snap! It is time to go back home.

Now, recently, I got to chime in on a conversation which opened me up to the realization of things are getting out of hand. So here is a 5th year engineering student almost done with school and freaking out because there is no way in hell she was going to go back to her small hometown Meru. in fact, she knows her passion is nothing close to engineering. Turns out, she is one of the best salsa dancers in the whole campus.

We had a good laugh about the topic but deep behind the laughter, you could see the troubled young lady wondering so WHATS NEXT, WHERE DO I BEGIN? And you can understand her, IT HAS BEEN FIVE FREAKING YEARS!!

Who is to blame??The education system? Family?? WHOOO??

Do we perhaps join university a little too young to comprehend that it is the canoe that will lead us to our future?

Is it the pressure from families to see us in Universities no matter the course?

Are they failing in their job to ensure that we take the right steps through this journey of self-discovery? shouldn’t they probe and have THE TALK regularly that reassures us it is okay to cry for help and have the white flag finally hoisted

We could choose to point fingers all day and do not even get me started with degraded education system-the endless lecturers strike, teachers missing lessons or having outrageous assignments such as having to write the whole units notes as your CAT1 but TRUTH IS, it boils down to self.

It is crazy, it is nuts and sadly it is the reality on the ground. All these happen and many of us end up distracted and getting caught up in the sheared of pursuing a degree till is too late and we have no jobs and are back to mummy’s house

Something needs to be done! Do not allow yourself to be shoved into the real world half-baked and unprepared. Take the initiative and work through the uncertainty by doing what honestly ticks for you. It is time we arm ourselves with the sobriety of mind and have the have the valour to step out of the shadows of an empty passionless degree. Now is the time to run wild towards our dreams never letting peer pressure, family, school or even social media dictate our lives to us.

Do not be miserable!! Follow your deepest passion and speak up when things go south. Work with mentors or whoever feels gut right to open up to. It is time we sit down and have the real talk with the one within. If stoke is taken and all seems good, go ahead, work your shit out and do you. However, if the courage to sit down and have an honest chat broods grounds of a possible heart attack, look for help.

It is your life and you CANNOT AFFORD TO SCREW UP.

None of it is easy moreover support is not always guaranteed but heck that is the point, NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY. It is also said, a calm sea never made a skilled sailor so get your boat out of the shore and get rocking!!

This is from me to you.

Be strong be awake and do it now. Step out of the mediocracy.

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