It is no doubt that we are living in a male dominated world. But one, award winning Kantarama Gahigiri has had to work her way to the top in film making and even so, work harder than the male counterparts to prove she is as good.

The Swiss and Rwandan filmmaker realised her passion for a film when she was invited to a short film night shoot. Since then she realised she can also do the same. In 2004 she went to New York to study film on a scholarship and has worked full time since 2006 in the film industry.

She has since then directed and produced films including her own work ‘me+u’. she has had great opportunities to connect and work with other great producers Kantarama Gahigiri has won herself many awards such as best director in 2015 at Chelsea film festival, best web series for me +u among others.

Earlier this year she was selected by realness among 5 other filmmakers to work on 5 projects. “I was pinching myself every day,” she recalls when asked about it.

During an interview at the rooftop show Kantarama stated that she believes Africa has so many untold stories and that Africans should work towards telling their own stories. ‘Film making is not only about telling stories but also working together she says.

Apart from filmmaking, she has masters in international relations from Geneva. She is now passing on her skills to others by teaching and will continue to be an inspiration to many more people.

She urges younger people to use the available technology to learn about filmmaking. “You are only a filmmaker once you make a film,” she says.

Listen in to the Rooftop show for the exclusive interview with Kantarama Gahigiri

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