University schedules get really hectic especially come mid semester. It gets cracked with personal assignments, group work, class presentations, CATS, you name it. More so every lecturer gives out these assignments almost at the same time.

At forth year it has downright dawned on me how these small marks save you a crap tone of headache and how easy they make bagging in some pretty good grades, if a little effort is put into completion of these tasks diligently quite easy. Let’s shoot from the hip, it will be ignorant to assume that everyone’s got their shit figured out in university.

There are endless distractions and alternatives to sitting a two hour long lecture on a hot sunny day or a rainy morning, you know what I mean?

Some are inevitable and especially for government sponsored kids away from home.

Unfortunately, these misguided deeds come to reckon and things turn ugly real fast.

A supplementary here, some missing marks there and boom just like that, one is held back from proceeding to forth year or worse so, from graduating.

It is that easy to fall off the trail and get into serious trouble, the sad bit ultimately being that you never see it coming.

Some departments work on such kind of misconduct either end of the third year or at the fourth year when one realises that their name is missing on the graduating list.

The horror!

On that note, it is crucial for one to stay on top of their game.

Here are some tips of how to be smart about being a misfit in school.

  • Register units on time, this guarantees that one is in the system and the fees are invoiced on time.
  • Have a copy of the timetable. Know what units are to be covered, the lectures and specific days set for each.
  • Join the class WhatsApp group. I know, they can be annoying but they are your gold mines.
  • These days all the lecturers communicate band share class material on there all the time.
  • Be keen on deadlines and work to ensure work assignment are handed in on time.
  • Sit all the CATS, whether studied or not, ensure you are in class and that your name is on the lecturers’ list.
  • Group work does not always mean group work, be creative about it. Go solo if you want to and take the work personally to the lecturer. Any effort is good effort.
  • Be keen to scoring proper marks in assignments and group work.
    Class presentations, I hate those, figure that shit yourself
    Pay fees and get the exam card on time.
  • Sit and ace all your exams. Follow up to ensure that all your results are out.
  • Not everyone gets the luxury of attending class day in day out.

Some of us are hustling to get chums in order to survive, others are running business startups, and some of us just do not like the idea of waiting for a scheduled class only for the lecturer to show up an hour late or never show up at all every other time.

Whatever the reason, be intentional. Be smart, trust me, you do not want to start knocking part-time lec, and that means you are totally and utterly screwed because turns out no one else can ascertain that indeed ulifanya paper.

Featured image: Misfits is a British science fiction comedy-drama television show, courtesy of Polygon 


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    well put

  • Posted November 5, 2018 8:57 am 0Likes

    I can absolutely relate. I am just so glad I get to graduate. Quite a relief once you confirm you are on the graduation list. Pheew!!!

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