A few days back, my director asked me why I was not submitting articles and I figured since honesty was the best policy well I should simply tell it to him straight and not mince my words.
“Thing is am experiencing writers block And the solution he gave well it prompted me to write on writers block and see if there was a way to work around it.
Most writers handle writers block in various ways, some look for that inspiration, others work for that inspiration as for me I tend to do the following:
1. Relax your mind
Most times am worrying about one thing or the other, but when it comes to writers block I relax my mind stop worrying about anything in regards to writing. Has this ever worked you may ask and the answer is yes. See when you quit worrying you find your muse in the weirdest of places or right in front of you.
2. Listen to Music
I listen to music when I find myself clueless and out of ideas. Soothing music does wonders for me and I recommend it.I usually feel as if my brain is receiving a massage. And most times if not all my inspiration is simply right there in front of me. It works for me, why not try it?
3. Write something else.
There was a time I was writing a story, but all the ideas I had were for a another story. So I ended up writing a new story unrelated to the other one and guess what just as I was putting the final touches to it, Ideas for the previous story came flooding in. I ended up completing one story and having ideas for another story. Sometimes you need to do something else so as to motivate your creative juices and end up having a masterpiece.
3. Don’t plan, Just write.
Frankly I don’t get how people plan to write, anyway each writer has his or her own unique way of writing so who am I to judge?
When writing I rarely plan unless it’s a school assignment, if not I simply write. So if you plan your work before putting it down on paper, then maybe you just write, write and continue writing without planning. Sometimes this type of planning may lead you in a different style and you may end up finishing your work and actually loving it.
4. Write for You.
Sometimes when am writing I tend to think of what my Director will say, luckily he is a nice guy and will be politely blunt with me. But how many of us are lucky to have such critics? Some critics are brutal but when writing don’t focus on anyone that is not helping you jot down your work, focus on you and enjoy your work. Don’t listen to that inner critic, and write. I know how it feels when critics bombard your work with negative comments but I will not let that stop me from writing and neither should YOU!!

These tips work for me and I wish I can assure you that they will work for you too but sadly I cannot guarantee that. Find one that works for you and get out of that block and be the awesome writer that you are.

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