The current Chair of the Kenya Union Students’ Organization Nimo Shiekh has issued a stern message to Moi University management following the missing of 700 comrades from the graduation list scheduled for August 22, 2019.

In the statement, Nimo Shiekh wrote that the missing comrades to be included in the list before the end of the day today (August 15, 2019) or else the Vice-Chancellor to resign. She cited that the university has been affected by tribalism and the university shouldn’t be managed as a village.

She further went on to request the Cabinet Secretary in the Education docket Prof. George Magoah to intervene. Below is the official statement by KUSO Chair;

It’s with great regret that we learn the academic frustrations students of Moi University are going through due to the incompetence of the school management.

As KUSO, we wish to state the following.

  • That the students who are missing out in the graduation list be included today.
  • Those lecturers should deal with the administration instead of dealing with students in matters salary. Comrades pay fees, they don’t pay salaries.
  • That tribalism which for a long time has defined the institution be brought to an end. Moi university is not a village property.
  • That Professor Magoah should intervene and save comrades of Moi University because if he keeps mum, the problem will spread its wings to other universities
  • If the problem is not solved as soon as possible, we will demand the resignation of the Vice-Chancellor and it won’t be peaceful.

The fundamental reason as to why we are called comrades is because we go through a degree program within a time frame and pave way for the new comrades. We are not meant to be in the university forever. It’s traumatizing to even the parents when they pay fees and the school frustrate their efforts of seeing the fruit.

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