Ads are everywhere, our website has banner ads so do most website, on radio, TV and also, I’m sure you’ve seen the KBS, Citihoppa or Starbus painted brands or products that aren’t related to transport.

Source: Jaynaz Media

Similarly on other online platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter when they recommend content; top searches on Google on your timeline and you don’t follow the page or person – know money has exchanged hands for the visibility.

According to Techcrunch, Uber Eats in India started off by offering visibility in special sections to restaurants who offered discounts 
on meal bundles to Uber’s customers.

Source: Techcrunch

Uber’s Senior Director and Head of Eats Product Stephen Chau has confirmed the company’s intentions to become an ad company. “There’s a bunch of different ways we can work with restaurants over time. If we have all the restaurants on the marketplace and we give them tools to help them grow, then this will be a very efficient marketplace. They’re going to be spending those ad dollars somewhere,” Chau said in an interview. “One of the things we’ve been experimenting with is allowing retailers to create promotions themselves and show them within the product.”

Uber confirmed it’s now testing in some markets a system designed to batch to a single restaurant multiple orders from different customers nearby each other. That way, a single delivery driver can pick up all the orders at once and then speedily distribute them to neighbours or co-workers. Uber must incentivize customers who are close to each other to pick the same restaurant in rapid succession, so it offers a discount.

Similar to Social Networks, Uber has a bunch of data about its data hence can offer customized ad placement for maximum conversion rate. 

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