If you have been wondering what Jackson Makini popularly known as CMB Prezzo has been up to, then you should be glad to know that he is doing great things. Prezzo is among the most influential persons to Kenyan youth through his music. He is also known for representing Kenya in Big Brother Africa back in 2012. With his great charm, the Kenyan artist has been able to work his magic in keeping up with the Kenyan music industry. His recent songs include ‘Pepea’ done among other Kenyan artists and ‘Hamsa mia’.

During his interview at campus radio Kenya, the rapper stated that he is recently supporting the upcoming artist Yello whom together with Steve-OH were with him in studio. Yello has already done several songs including ‘I made it’ and featured in the song ‘Ready to drink’.

Yello in the Yellow hat, Steve-OH at the center and Prezzo in the red hat, in the extreme left are the construction workers, who are experts in Kibera

In line with more good deeds, the rapper together with the Kompakt Records CEO have recently started an initiative to give back to the society. The initiative includes upgrading 16 houses in Kibera thus modernizing mud houses to permanent concrete houses. This upgrading will aim at providing a friendly environment to the residents.  

Kompakt records CEO Steve-oh stated that instead of waiting for the government to finance development programs -a norm by many Kenyans- they are taking a step forward to do it themselves. Through this initiative, they are able to achieve affordable housing which is one of the 4 presidential goals. For the rapper, he believes one does not have to be an MP to make a change.

Listen to the interview

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