The former Chair, Kenya Universities Student Union (KUSO) and University of Nairobi Student Association (UNSA), Mr Anthony Manyara this afternoon held a press conference to address issues affecting the youth nationwide and the much anticipated Building Bridges Initiative- BBI report. The event brought together youths from all universities and political parties in collaboration with KUSO and Youth Advocacy Africa (YAA) at the After Forty Hotel in Nairobi. 

Komrade Isaka the current PR and Communication Officer of KUSO, urged students and Kenyans at large to avoid spreading false information regarding the content of the BBI report. He warned that unnecessary propaganda will lead to nothing but war over the unexpected.

Mr Manyara who is the former chairman of KUSO and current Chair of Youth Advocacy Africa (YAA) gave the next address, identifying the students’ main concern; the much-awaited BBI report that should be made public in a few days to come. Manyara acknowledged that student leaders held talks with the BBI taskforce where they gave sound views; a reflection of students’ wishes and aspirations. He added that they are waiting patiently for the report, to peruse through and see whether the document gives consideration to the wishes and interests of Kenyan University students. 

The office of the president KUSO clarified that students and the youth countrywide are in support of the handshake deal between President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader, the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. “The youth shall continue to support all processes that are geared to ensuring stability, cohesion and tolerance in our national politics. Also, all students and youth leaders will remain non-aligned to neither Kieleweke nor the Tanga Tanga movements that have continued to create division in the country. Their collective agenda remains non-political.” said Mr Manyara.

Manyara expressed his disappointment over Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri who has made a habit of appearing in press conferences to play politics other than addressing the plight of farmers in the country.

Manyara finalized by assuring the audience that upon the release of the report, the students shall hold a national students’ conference to assess the document and collectively decide on the way forward. “Only after assessment will the students declare support to the task force’s recommendations.” He urged all Kenyans to always put the country’s interests first, just as students have done in the recent post-handshake days. 

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