I would really wish to know how many copies and downloads Kagwe managed to make with this masterpiece. Why? Because it was a solid project.

First up the Album art cover. Man! Look at it. When I say Masterpiece I mean MASTERPIECE. Not most local artists go all out on their album art covers. Basically most of the time artists use basic artistry in this area. I do not want to mention names but look around most will have self-portraits for album covers. Not that it is a bad thing but I feel the message the album is meant to send should be in sync with the art cover as well as the album launch event.

Looking at this I tried to decode the art in relation to the title and here is what I came up with. Spectrum a word used to classify something in terms of its position on a scale between extreme points. So the different Kagwes you are seeing I presume that they represent different personalities, more of like multiple spectra. Lemme leave it at that. Better be sure with what I am saying so I will have to consider a sit down with the main man so that he gives the clear perspective. My silly thoughts aside this album art cover is fire.

Good times by Kagwe Mungai, the first track of the Spectrum Album

Next up, Content. Here I will sum up the video and audio production as well as features – Top Notch. Having big names such as Unlimited LA directing Doctor which features on the Album and which dropped 2016, Mr Atwal on production for Till The End which features Niniola, the amazing trio of Mejja, Kora and Madtraxx on Bass and Naiboi on Nakulike … You Can’t go wrong with such heavyweights.

Finally… Props to Taurus Music keep pushin’ the Mr Mungai.

As usual, sample them tunes below and buy the album to Support #KE.

Spectrum by Kagwe Mungai

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