What about tattoos do we really know? People have different perceptions about them. To some they may be quite unethical, others dangerous, others tattoos may be a way of expressing art. I tend to understand that we all have different opinions due to various reasons. Our cultures and beliefs are very different depending on where we come from. Sudanese for example, tattoos are way complimentary, they are a rite of passage.

Where we stand today a lot has changed and majority are growing fond of them. Of course there are many against this, we cannot change their mind -set. There has been a specific set of standards that has been set across by our cultures and in some cases it is forbidden. Either way times have changed and they will slowly come into acceptance with change, it is inevitable.

So for these our people who have become so endorsed in tattoos, they will still have to oversee and consider a couple of things before getting the marking. Let us look at them

What to consider before getting a tattoo;

1. The artist

Your artist is the most essential partaker during this event. Ensure that you have a qualified tattooist who won’t disappoint you in the end. Enquire as much as you can about he/she, find out how much of tattooing they have done and the end product of their work on different people. Also make sure a new needle is used on your skin. This is to avoid contracting bacteria or viruses from others.

2. Future considerations

This is where many people go wrong. Excitement always gets to many of us and we never overlook our future costs. When getting your tattoo look at where you see yourself in the future, think about your employment.

Do you stand risks when the time comes or will it still suit you and your work to your comfortabilty? If it stands risks you do not have to go through the hustle, but if you really think you cannot do without get it around a private area that is not easily noticed or can’t be seen at all. This way you will not have to go through avoidable problems at that time or have to incur costs of getting rid of it.

3. Tattoo meaning and message

Different tattoo drawings always relay different messages. They may express feelings of , love, sadness or joy. They basically reflect how we think and feel. So before getting a drawing think of what you really want on your skin. Make sure you get something that will attract you for as long as you have it. If a tattoo ever brings boredom along the way it may also lead to regret. Get a tattoo that fills you with enthusiasm every time you get a glimpse of it.

After you have gotten your tattoo and are on your way home, that is not the end. You need to look after your tattoo. A fresh tattoo is still a wound and will need care. So a couple of things will have to be done.

4. Tattoo aftermath

  • Get some ointment called grabbacin and apply it on your skin 3 times a day and before you take a shower.
  • Avoid contact with sun or water. Such may cause smudging that leaves your drawing looking awful and unattractive.
  • You can also apply Vaseline or glycerine on your skin for a while to keep the tattoo looking fresh.
  • Avoid swimming until the wound heals.

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