Yes, 100% yes, that’s an answer I always give if someone asks me whether I watch comedy.

I will choose a comedy any day in place of any other genre of movie or series.

I thought it was a stage in my life like those times I really loved cartoons but this stage is taking its sweet time.

It doesn’t matter whether there is laughter in the background like the ‘Big Bang Theory’ or not like the ‘Mick’; the important thing is that I get the joke.

So I should tell you about the recent comedy I’m watching, ‘Liza on demand’.

This is a YouTube premium situational comedy depicting the day to day life of Liza as she tries to achieve a lead status in being an elite tasker.

Liza is a 23-year-old woman, intelligent, funny and works for ‘Tasket’, an app where she does peoples chores.

I have to mention she is pretty small with a very big attitude.

She shares her moments with her best friends and roommates Oliver and Harlow.

For Liza, achieving a lead status is not as simple as she has to do all available jobs and deal with social issues like sexism, racism, self-evaluation among others.

But for her audiences, it is all fun and laughter.

You should watch about this time she pretended to be a man, or this other time she went to high school, or the time she was hired as a professional mourner.

I guess what am trying to tell you is that you should not miss an episode of ‘Liza on demand’.

The sitcom stars Liza Koshy -who acts as Liza-a big YouTube personality famous for her YouTube videos.

Kimiko Glenn acts as Harlow and Travis Coles as Oliver with each having their own personality that contributes to the series.

With only one season with eight episodes down the line, released on June this year, Liza on-demand fans –including myself may not have had enough and wait for more.

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