I am getting my own place!!

This is the first instinct of many if not all the students after joining campus.

It is like a rite of passage.

One month into the hostels and you are done, convinced to the core that it is chaotic and no place for the easy chilled self you are.

I mean where do I start?

The shared bathroom that that one person never seems to rinse well after they use, neither the toilet!!

Or the kitchen that is always too filthy even after a good scrub?

Or the small mattress that OMG is unbearable and the freaking rules?

What do you mean No boys!

In all honesty, one can hack their way through this bit.


The crème dela crème. ROOMMATES! Sheesh, everyone’s got their own thing going and it is cool we are different, all children of God but damn!! Meet;

W – SpongeBob of the house. Never seems to shut the hell up.

G- Boyfriend obsessed. The stories are unending. Side note, we all secretly agree he is not all that (shade).

B- This one! ( Arch Nemesis) She never puts on pants! Ever! Even in the common area. Excuse me Kendall freaking Jenner! {heavy sigh} I need my eyes, to see my fries and the glow from your toned, long, cellulite free thighs is blinding me!(hahah).

D- The smelly one.

A- Blossom of the house. Good ass grade, killer outfits and to put the cherry on top, gets along with everyone regardless. Yes even the smelly one!

These among other numerous reasons drives you crazy and you want out so bad.

Mind is made up, endless phones calls are made and money is finally wired for Njeri to move out.

The hunt begins and every bedsitter looks beautiful and out of this world…….’ oh it is small but I do not mind, the toilet is leaking but ni sawa tu, at least there’s water.

Kahawa West is not that far anyway, fare is what, seventy bob only?

We can manage without lunch and do dinner only right? (thank God for mama mboga}…. and the madness dear ones goes on and on.

The excitement of having your own crib is over the roof and you want it all.

Many however do not understand the implications of being in a hurry in this process and thus countless costly mistakes are made.

There is a lot that one needs to consider when deciding whether to rent a place or not.

The list goes a little like this, Water, electricity, security, hygiene, neighbors and distance from school (cost of bus fare) I mean I could go on and on, a roomie!!

See it is endless; and in that state of excitement and defiance especially because everyone else is doing so, most of the basics are ignored and everything looks workable.

All over sudden lacking water during the weekend doesn’t sound that bad, I mean you barely are in the house on Saturdays right?? Riight…

It is essential for young adults, no scratch that, teenagers because essentially first years are between the ages of 17 and 20, to understand that there is no shame in staying in a hostel a little longer till you find the right place.

I know you want freedom and own space all very legit needs but think about it!

Renting a house is expensive and you want to get a place that is not only genuine but also ideal for you as a student.

I have no issue with renting a place, all I am advocating is for time!

Take as much as you need.

Scout an area you like, do some digging and never be in a rush.

If it doesn’t feel right leave it and find someplace else.

Do not allow caretakers and agents to eat off of your naivety.

Let me give you a typical scenario; new bedsitter two month deposit and rent paid, then three four days later, boom, taps run dry, water rationing mara pump imeharibika tena! (Please note the tena, which indicates it is a frequent occurrence.)

One week later you know no peace because of the huge roach you bumped into on your way to the bathroom, why?

Because you were convinced to settle for a ground floor house! (Worse than having roommate D)

One month in and then the bus fare becomes a nightmare constantly depleting your allowance which sucks because now, you are broke.

Finally you find out that the corner you frequent on your way home is a hot spot for burglary incidents.

It is not worth it at all.

Take your time.

Again,there is no shame in staying in a hostel for a little while longer.

No shame at all.

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