Moi University students have launched a social network app to all smartphone users.

With a vision to beat other messaging apps in mind, Stephen Kariuki, a fourth year student and the CEO of Ally Super app launched the application to the public at Moi University yesterday after three years of creative invention with the help of his friends.

Kariuki said that he was inspired to develop the application following the fact that there are countable such innovations in Africa.

During the launch, the 24 year old Stephen described the application as a social chat application designed in a modern and user friendly way allowing one to interact with other users from all over the World.

“This new app promises a new fun world as it is loaded with numerous features. Its unique feature is unlimited size video sharing and comes with an attractive user interface,” he said.

The app is characterized by a number of great features in comparison to its predecessors. Other notable features is the users ability to choose whether to send a high, medium or low quality image and to change font type and color.

According to Stephen, its timing was perfect despite the influx in invention of social media applications as the app offers all the social needs of the young generation.

“Our dependence on Western products is overwhelming. We have the ability to create our own and have the world use them,” he said.

In his speech during the launch, he said that the app has cost him close to a million shillings though it has been made a success through capital support and help from various relevant bodies and his ambitious team.

The app, with an update size of less than 5Mb is now at version 2.55 with expected updates to version 7.0 in the near future.

The app requires every user to register using a mobile phone number, their name and password.

Just like WhatsApp, the Ally Super app allows creation of group chats and sharing of status updates.

What’s more, the app has a unique feature that allow users to upload pictures with integrated location features.

“We are looking forward to drive more users from Kenya and this is expected to scale up to the whole of Africa and the World,” Stephen said.

Students from Moi University had a chance to test the app and according to Stephen, the feedback has been great.

“Our success is meeting the needs of our clients, the users. However, our threat is the social media giants stealing our idea due to current and emerging issues in Kenya,” he concluded.

The Ally Super App is available to download from the Google Play Store and now has slightly over 100 downloads. The app has an age restriction to download for anyone under the age of 12.

By Brian Murimi

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