A number of students have raised complaints about being, outrageously, being denied access to the University premises.

I personally see the administrations directive to bar them or deny them access to the university to be wrong and improper.

Academic institutions, especially those of higher learning, ought/should create an enabling environment and opportunity to develop and grow profound knowledge and skills of its students.

Universities are centres of research, creativity and innovations.

More often than not, we try to access the institution to conduct research, consult our precious professors, access the library, access the laboratories among other key resources in research but, to our surprise, we are adamantly denied access.

Universities are also huge contributors to social and cultural vitality, and also very crucial in health and well being of the society, we therefore often need access to the fields and courts to play football, rugby, basketball, netball et cetera.

Those resources are key and important to the social and economic growth of a nation.

We understand and highly appreciate the importance of a proper security system, but once one has proven that he or she is a Kenyatta University student and made his or her intentions clear as to why he/she requires access to the university, he/she should be allowed in after a thorough search and scrutiny.

We should not and will not be rush to accept retrogressive regulations proffered to us.

It would even be better if these regulations are properly discussed to reach a commonly accepted purpose.

It is my contention that all that is unnecessary and should be stopped.

Peter Evans
Kenyatta University

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