Days back, a section of university Of Nairobi student leaders met in Mombasa to conspire Ann Mvurya’s ouster. This was after the fruitful removal of the immediate VC, Mbithi, which may actually convince the mighty students of the university that a wind of change is blowing.

But before we celebrate, I would like to bring some few facts to the limelight.

Under the controversial University Amendment Act 2016 (Duale Bill), the congress was mandated to elect the union boss. We all know elections conducted under this new legislation are marred with cries of foul play and possible election fraud. Sadly, there was no exception in the April elections. In fact, it’s alleged that some of them were heavily bribed.

After that circus showcase, it has now dawned to them that they elected an “incompetent leader”. First of all, I categorically accuse them of grossly misleading the students through that malicious act.

Secondly, The big question remains; how can they convince us that their intentions to ouster the union boss Ann Mvurya are not driven by selfish interests? Could it be that she isn’t sharing the loot?

I strongly believe that if any sanity is to be brought in Public Universities students leadership, Duale Bill should be fought in totality and popular vote system should be reinstated.

By Fieldmarshal Peter Kuria

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