The struggle to ensure survival of comradeship within the mighty UoN can only be led, spearheaded, convened and executed by the current crop of undergraduate students..

As UoN Alumni, we can only advise and sponsor, but we will not fight the actual war..That fight, like many before, is for the existing undergraduate comrades to fight…. We played our part during our times and history already absolved many of us.

If cowardice possesses your hearts and fear takes control of your spirits, then the death of comradeship shall condemn this entire generation of comrades to obscurity and glue-down their feet on the wastelands of political irrelevance and oblivion…

BUT if you rise up to the occasion and make deliberate steps to ensure survival and revival of comradeship, then future generations of UoN comrades will forever hold this generation of comrades in high regard..

The spirit of comradeship has died severally before. SONU as a student union has been banned over 10 times in the past 3 decades. Every time, its revival and reinstatement took the brevity and temerity of selfless and dedicated comrades that fought fearlessly on the trenches. The system may have changed, but the tactics and roles to be played remain the same as in the past.

The choice to revive the spirit of comradeship will be a hard and difficult one but it won’t be a hopeless choice. That choice can only be made by the current crop of comrades.

By Okung Frederick Ndege ‘Serikal’

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  • Posted April 30, 2019 5:34 pm 0Likes
    Komrade Butrose

    Indeed it is us the students who should stand out to stop the current situation in our varsity!

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