“We might not have the like of Hon. Sakaja, Comrade Babu Owino, Kipchumba Muorkomen and Duale anymore if universities administration continue selecting student leaders (puppet) who would suits their interests…..” said Faith Nyambura, WOSWA Chairlady.

“This leaders(puppet) have no relevant sophistication to guide the mighty university students to any meaningful development. They use the platforms to aggrandize themselves and to serve admin interest” said Peter Kuria, former immediate Kisii University president.

These are the remarks made by the leaders during an interview that was aired in on a national television channel (KTN News). They termed the universities elections as biased and they are only done to hoodwink students.

They are mere “circus showcase” in which students are tricked that they are exercising their democratic right as universities yet the admin has already selected their own personal honchos.

Comrades, it is high time to show the Duale Bill and the universities administration the middle finger. We are tired of politically instigated suspensions aimed to weaken the student’s right activists. Our freedoms have been completely suffocated.

When the critical minds choose to become distant commentators highlighting evils and wrongs whilst the game continues, then there is a trouble in our universities. It’s time to behave and react.

Ann Mvurya in order to remain relevant to comrades, you must do what comrades appreciate.

By; Fieldmarshal Peter Kuria

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