Of late, bots have become a very common part of our daily lives. Actually, they remind me of the WIFI signal back in the day when WIFI was just becoming the new popular kid in town.

To be frank, bots are kind of being overused and that makes them seem a bit boring. I have, however, encountered a few useful bots that challenge one to think otherwise.

Now, why would bots be a factor when it comes to determining who’s gonna kick who’s butt in the Telegram – Whatsapp war? Assimilation. It’s simple, currently, it is impossible to take advantage of bots in Whatsapp. It’s impossible to make a bot for Whatsapp as it is. Why does this matter? As cliché as bots might sound, they sometimes offer very clever solutions to problems. This forces the creatives to shift and make the bots and Telegram and since their target market is in need, they shift to wherever the solution shifts.

I’ll give you a couple of examples of some pretty useful Telegram bots I’ve come across. The first one is Farmerbot. This bot is made by Farmink as a clever way to make farming groups more efficient and less messy. Members have profiles and discussions are categorised according to what items are being farmed. It is a pretty useful bot for anyone who has a nick for farming. To learn more about Farmerbot visit Farmink’s site.

The second bot is BotRF, a landscaping bot that gives you accurate coordinates of wherever you are. It is a very useful tool if you’re a Network Engineer mapping out a wireless network. This is an awesome bot for professionals and novices alike.

The third bot is Nairobi Linux user group’s bot which links Telegram chats to IRC. This way, one can use their convenient mode of communication and everyone gets the message.

One thing that these three useful bots and many others have in common is that they all work on Telegram. There are some cases of companies running just on Telegram bots.

Telegram saw an opportunity and grabbed it. Whatsapp on the hand decided to go the selfish way and did not allow creatives to make bot and that might have been a fatal mistake. Bots are a means of service and information procurement for a lot of people and Telegram is the best platform to get access.

Maybe this won’t make much of a difference but then again maybe it will. Personally, I’ve ended up using Telegram more because of this and I doubt am the only one.

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