As a product of university expulsion and one from a critically poor background (Kilifi west, Bamba), I know through first-hand experience how it feels to have a Comrade’s future in a smoke screen through suspension and/or expulsion. It’s unkowty understandable to have a Comrades future curtailed through this heinous and barbaric act of insensitivity and arm-chair reasoning in this 21st Century. I repeat the future of our third world countries is the youth (mostly Comrades) Kenya and Africa must live through this fact!

Higher education is not an end in itself but a threshold means to multifaceted avenues of holistic living. The government and university administrations are full of hypocrisy and contradictions. You empower a student to pursue education and in the process curtail his education through petty issues like addressing a press. This is a trivial mindedness. Then what is the difference between the 20th and 21st Century in reference to Comradeship?

When I think on the revolutionary spirit boiling in my heart and look at what we (Comrades) are made to undergo today, I cry. I have revolutionary brothers like SAMMY SAMMY, IBARTSON KIMACHAS, SAISI DENNIS, JOSHUA MOMANYI among others who were sent home with me by Maasai Mara University after a duration of less than 2 minutes before the University Disciplinary Committee. Are two minutes enough to have accusations read, defence, cross-examination and conclusion plus verdict made to suspend and expel? See how the hell is, my brothers are currently desperate of university education not because they were found to be NYS looters, not because they were found to be Afya House looters, not because they were found to be Sugar cartels, not because they were found to be anything that ails this country… But simply because they were fighting to win over-designed suffocation of Comrades. Just because they stood to fight for Social democracy, they are homing!!!!! When it’s almost becoming a history, 16 similar suspensions and expulsions are here again in the University Of Nairobi.

As these Comrades’ future are left on the mercy of Our Girl Child-Sponsors in the name of members of university disciplinary committees and Senate, lords of impunity are walking free in this country, walking from one club to the other in the company of mammoth of slay queens. These people some drug cartels fly from Dubai to Qatar and are taken to be our role model politicians. While intellectualism is sadly reduced to nothing.

It’s a high time the Comrades of goodwill MUST rise over and above this relative obnoxiousness and pedantic goals of having us poor forever so that we may be perpetual voting tools of sick- rich politicians. It must come to an end. By all means necessary!

I pose this passionate appeal to each and every one of us, here and beyond that may we who are identified as students, regardless of where we come from, join our hands, hearts and minds in redefining our unity, in reactivating our dreams, in re-energizing our passion and rejuvenating our fruitful future. It can be done. Every resource is available and it’s upon us to consolidate them to the positive effect of Comrades. It’s us here and now to do it. Comrades, the forces that join us together must always be stronger than the superimposed influences that keep us apart.

Its a matter of time, we must emancipate ourselves by all means necessary 💪💪 #TutafikaPale.

By Fikirini Jacobs

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