The just-concluded Kibra by-election where Imran Okoth emerged winner and followed by Ruto allied candidate, Mc Donald Mariga was seen as a battle of two horses i.e. Raila, in which ODM secured the bedroom as it has famously been known and Ruto the DP.

Other candidates included Eliud Owalo and UoN’s Owiti Owayo. In a statement issued by Owayo, he accused lack of airtime in the media as a great contributor to his defeat. “My message of hope, change and a new beginning reached few people. The media began to report about me a few days to the election. As a result, many marched to the ballot booths without my name in their list of contenders.”

“My name, Owayo, was not on the ballot paper. As a result, many voted for Owalo, thinking that they were voting for Owayo. In future, I intend to avoid being on the same ballot paper with a candidate whose name sounds like mine.” read the statement issued by Owiti Owayo.

ODM Rally

In what surprised many, Owayo was seen at the ODM Rally that was aimed at persuading votes for Imran. Owiti argued that this move was dejected by many. “My technical appearance at the ODM rally made many to reconsider voting for me. Many were dejected by the move. And I’m pretty sure that I lost many votes to Imran. ” detailed the statement.

An optimistic Owayo accounted for this as a political lesson that will be geared to achieve the dream, “As a learner, my political notebook is filled up, my political pen has run low of ink and my mind is added with a new layer of experiences. And I believe that in the end, our dream is to be fulfilled.”

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