Barely a week to the university’s opening date, an urgent notice from the dean of students citing changes on learning venues has been released causing different reactions among students.

The notice published in the Rongo University’s official website has asked all students who were initially attending their lectures at Rongo town learning centres, will have to relocate immediately to the main campus situated at Kitere a distance of at least 8Km from Rongo Town.

The sad news of relocation has not been received well. Students argue that facilities and resources at the Town learning centre are adequate and in good condition for use compared to other branches they are being asked to relocate to. The students argue that the relocation exercise will involve seeking transportation means for their personal belongings and note down the distance of travel, each will have to cough out a significant amount of penny to complete the exercise, an event which they say might render them extremely poor and unable to cope up with the semester demands.

Through their Facebook page christened Rongo Whispers, the students have taken issues with the administration accusing them of failing to consult them through their student union leaders before they made the final decision to relocate. Even as some claim that living expenses at Kitere is expensive with only private hostels which go for Ksh 15,000 per semester as compared to Rongo town’s Ksh 10,000, others feel that life at the new place will be a lot comfier and might result in low-class attendance hence derail activities in the university’s academic calendar.

The students have given their leaders an ample time to consult and give them a way forward. They have threatened to take to the streets and boycott lectures should they be compelled to move to an area which will be much more expensive to survive in.

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