Any woman knows that the key to comfort and confidence in an outfit starts with the right undergarments. As a buff for Lingerie, I know the self-confidence and sensuality that comes with wearing the right lingerie. Personally, whenever I’m in a lingerie I feel am adoring my body, I fall in love with myself and I feel more self-conscious.

Lingeries are not only sexy but they help harness assertiveness, and empowerment over our body and with Confidence one is able to claim and own their feminine power.

When it comes to Lingerie choices the list is endless. Are you looking to complement your wardrobe, surprise your girlfriend or treat yourself? Well, you can never go wrong with lingerie shopping and the best part about it is you never run out of options. May it be corsets, bralettes, chemises, busters, gaiters, bikinis, nightgowns, bodysuits etc there’s always something for everyone depending on different body shapes, body types, tastes, comfort, personalities, perceptions on both fabric and quality and most importantly the mood. I mean sometimes people especially women dress according to how they are feeling or how they want others to deduce they’re feeling.

Sometimes we are feeling adventurous, flirty or even bored and gloomy but this does not limit our pool of Lingerie choices. Lingeries should be a symbol of femininity, and empowerment to all women . Afterall, who doesn’t feel good in sexy undies? 

Women should know that wearing sexy lingerie should not only be for your partner to have a sneak peek of you in the bedroom but it should be for you and how you feel about yourself. Lingeries should not be sexualised, because they are and should be more than just about sex.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy. Knowing your body type and uniqueness is crucial in making the right lingerie choice in terms of size and occasion for your comfort, confidence and self-esteem. This helps you look and feel best in your skin as well as adding spice to your lingerie wardrobe.

 We all know that YOU are at your best when YOU feel your best


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