Let me just make it clear that there are many things that scare me in life, like the thought of being hit by a car when am perfectly away from the road. Yes, it happens. So in that case, I ensure that I keep away from horror films at all times. When I first started watching ‘The Purge’ (the first purge -2018) I had no idea it was horror, I obviously had an idea there was violence but there is a way it woes you into watching.

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The purge is a movie series whereby American citizens are given freedom to commit any crime they wish within a period of 12 hours without any sanction by the law, including murder. This only happens annually and is even marked as a holiday like any other, say Christmas day, no! Halloween works better. – It is a day that many are scared off and others are well prepared. Think of the hurtful things you may do to people and not think they are a big deal, well consider there being a purge and they have been waiting all year to punish you.

The idea is that The Purge allows people to release their aggression and bitterness as they become better and hardworking citizens. It also indicates that purging is everyone’s right and that one feels better after doing it.

This Hollywood series circles around issues such as cultism, social classes and the sense of humanity among humans. Penelope joins a cult that teaches them that being purged on is good and is a way of helping those that are hurting to heal. So on purge night they are taken around the city and fed to the dogs (angry people ready to purge on anyone).

Miguel his brother, a U.S marine returns home to the news of his sister gone and does all he can to ensure she is not purged on. The new founding fathers -a group of wealthy people- are the reason the holiday exists with the idea that it is a solution to rising crime rates and social unrest.

The purge is a fourth of similar Purge Films and it shows to what extremes humans can go if given a chance. It may relate even to what is happening in our societies where some people have a bigger say over others because of wealth and can lead to destruction any minute.

It is a fictional series complete with 10 episodes, its top cast include; Gabriel Chavarria as Miguel Amanda, Warren Amanda as Jane Barbour, Jessica Garza as Penelope, Hannah Emily Anderson as Jenna Betancourt and Colin Woodell as Rick Betancourt.

In the end, I can say it was all worth it, I got to learn so much about humanity. So let’s continue being law abiding citizens because a day like The Purge is against all the goodness of humanity.

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