The University of Nairobi is in talks with UBtech, a leading Artificial Intelligence robotics company from China on the possibility of building Artificial Intelligence, AI Lab. This was revealed during a meeting between Ubtech Team and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs, Prof. Julius Ogeng’o on August 22, 2019.

According to UBtech, the laboratory will go a long way in helping students master the concepts of programming.  The company has developed a curriculum for both Primary and Secondary Schools and hence the University of Nairobi will be an ideal place to lead in producing teachers for Secondary School level.

The University of Nairobi is considering financing both from the Ministry of Education, Technical and Vocational Training Section and from the Chinese Embassy. The government has been on the frontline in encouraging students to pursue STEM-related courses and the University of Nairobi is ready to lead in the training of trainers.

During the Nation Leadership Forum: The Future of Work, it was observed that many jobs will be created in the areas of artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, robotics, the big data, Internet of things and design thinking. UBtech revealed that the Chinese economy is booming mainly due to artificial intelligence and 5G networks which has enabled thousands of businesses to get access to super-fast internet speeds.

Going forward Ubtech will work on a concept note that will be presented to the Chinese Embassy, the University of Nairobi and the Ministry of Education to help in the financing and realization of the project.

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