Kenyan music industry is growing at faster rate than ever before. But the question is, who is responsible for the super rapid growth of the industry: musicians, fans or producers. Of course, it is a mixture of the categories. Musicians are releasing hot lyrics with “educative” contents, fans appreciate the works of the musicians by purchasing the records and attending the shows. But before the music reaches the fans, it goes through a series of technical processes called Production. So who are these people performing the technical processes or rather handle the Production process? Not fans, not artists (in most cases). The Producers handle the production. The producers should be respected because they are the people who give us the end product. They edit and produce the final products to the internet or to the world.

In the Kenyan music industry, we have top class producers who make sure that fans get the best solutions as far as music is concerned. So let’s look at some of these producers.

  1. Cedo. He is a Pacho Entertainment Producer. Latest Kenyan hits such as Mungu Pekee by Nyashinski, Tunakubali, Dus Nyau and Welle Well, all by Timmy Tdat, and Dandia by Kristoff have been produced by this guy. He also co-produced Baadaye, Zingua, and Smile, all by Amos and Josh. Cedo’s plan is to take his production skills to the whole world. He has a very bright future.
  2. Provoke. He is an award-winning producer in the Kenyan music scene. He is known for tight hip-hop tracks. He has worked with a variety of artists such as King Kaka, Nonini, and Wangeci. Provoke started as a sound engineer at Sub-Sahara Records before he went on to start his own label, Provoke Music in 2013.
  3. Phillip Makanda. Phillip, commonly known as “Philo” is the founder of Mainswitch Sounds. He has worked with artists such as Jaguar, Daddy Owen, and Papa Dennis and some of his bangers include Kipepeo, Huu Mwaka, and Kioo by Jaguar.
  4. Eric Musyoka. He has been in the industry for more than a decade now, meaning he has a strong experience in the Kenyan music. Eric is also a trained sound engineer and producer. Some of the artists that he has worked with include Nameless, Juliani, P-Unit, Bamboo among others. Due to his experience in the music industry, he is a frequent award-winning producer in the Kenyan music scene. He was the 2006 Kisima Awards Producer.
  5. Visita. Because of the hard work that Visita puts in his musical career, he is the current Vice President of Grandpa Records. Apart from being a producer, Visita is also a singer and songwriter. Visita has got a bright future.Leave a comment to tell us your thoughts about this list.


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    Melkizedek Owuor

    The future of entertainment in Kenya is very bright, more so, Music industry.

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