I have grown to enjoy matatu rides more and more for the past couple of months. Honestly speaking, I am most at peace then, completely immersed in the blaring music and buzz. With a demanding schedule, crazy deadlines and heaps of work to finish, one definitely needs an escape, to stay sane for sure. It is fascinating how the body adjusts and I am more than thankful for that. God knows I would lose it if it started craving sunsets and long hours of sleep because it is almost impossible to achieve that in the current situesh* of course, you know, work and school.

That’s why I am all about inner peace and zen, a fanatic in fact, as I know crystal how insane it gets especially without a proper sober inner functioning system. I won’t say it gets better, slip ups here and there are inevitable.

Mine is to encourage positive inner affirmations to both self and those around us. This is because one thing is for sure, the world is cruel and unforgiving and just when you think, “woof, finally I’m out of the woods,” something else comes up. Problems.

Look at it this way, it is how you get to learn your weaknesses and shortcomings as an individual both at work and in your personal life. These may include, procrastination, (writes hiding face), laziness, lack of self-drive and discipline. Outright ignorance even. Any sound familiar?? Yes if we are brutally honest with ourselves, we can all agree that 80 per cent of our problems and frustrations are caused by self of course through the above-mentioned vices.

So get this, it is not the world condemning you. In actual sense it is Mother Nature’s way of snapping you out of it before you reach rock bottom for sure, face down.

Let’s face it, growing up is hard, especially with a lack of sense of direction, purpose and responsibility. Things always go VIBAYA!! It’s a process stuffed with a gazillion responsibilities all which you and you alone are answerable to.

Hence this one is for the team, “Oh shit, I forgot!” or “Bloody hell, I did not look at it that way and I never thought it was that serious. It is and if you continue that way, darker days are coming my friend. There is no redemption, you just have to tough it out through the heaps of mistakes made. Lol, let me come clean. I have had my fair share of oops! And Gaai’s! All because I let circumstances determine my actions. But NO MORE! Ha-ha, time to make amends, tomorrow though, because I need a power nap, ha-ha, I’m joking no power naps only matatu rides plus any other thing that calms you for sure in the craze of twenties. It is an unforgiving world and consequences are real and some hurt as hell. But in all that, you are allowed time out whether in a jav* or at the beach or in your treasured four hours of sleep. It maintains the balance and keeps you sane of course.

Deep sigh, again, random right??? From matatu rides to this, I swear it just happens!!


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    Zen goes another one. Nice read.

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