The first normal thing we all do when dumped is cry (speaking from a ladies point of view).

We cry our hearts out,we try to find out what it is that we did wrong,we swear to stay away from all men since they are not worth the pain, some stress eat, some shut away the world whereas others try and move on but inside they are dying a thousand deaths, they are literally crumbling inside.

I was like this too once upon a heartbreak that is until a friend who was tired of seeing me mopping around told me to look at the breakup from two angles. To be honest all the angles had only one thing me heartbroken. But he insisted saying there are two sides to a coin so the breakup also had another side.Your single not dead,aren’t there things you can now do without worrying about his reaction?”

And that’s when it hit me I can actually do several things without limiting myself because he was in the picture.

Focus on Me.

Now that I was officially single, it was time to have some me time, make me happy, invest in myself and try to know what it is I want to do and accomplish in my life.

The tension between my family, friends and I was over.

This was definitely a big relief. Trying to explain why I was with him each time a friend asked was extremely tiring. Now that it was over I could finally relax.

No more ultimatums.

My ex was not into the idea of me having guy friends. He actually told me that I could not go to another’s man’s house to simply hang out. And if I did go then he would out with his lady friends and I should not hold him accountable if anything happened. Now that we broke up, I could comfortably hang out with my guy friends without explaining myself to anyone.

I could meet my Romeo.

Frankly, I was not into seeing nor dating anyone but if the stars are to shine down on me who am I to say no?

See getting dumped may hurt but don’t dwell on it too much, look at it from two different points of views. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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