Prof. Joseph Ouma Muga’s plight has been highlighted on several occasions and the worst of his condition is now his admission at low-level Kikuyu Hospital.

To start with Prof. is a complete man wearing many hats. He has 2 sons and a daughter whom he took to School and are highly placed in different fields starting with Peter Muga aka Maembe Olo now married to an Australian in Tanzania. Another one is a lecturer at Strathmore University and lastly, her daughter is a high ranking UN senior staff. They have abandoned the father completely. WHAT NEXT?

Let us knock at our government’s door

Prof. was sacked by Moi as Ass. Minister of Environment because he joined FORD KENYA in a push for multiparty Democracy we enjoy today. He helped the NARC Government to establish Ministry of State and Special Program to develop policies and he established NDMU & NDOC that handles Disaster in the country today.

Australian Government & UNITED NATIONS Must remember this man

Australia is purely on the Leeward side of BLUE ALPS MOUNTAINS and that means it was purely dessert. UN selected a team of 7 world elites scientists in 1964 and from Africa, Muga was chosen to help Australia in reforming the dry country today Australia is the world Leading Rice Exporter. Australian Ambassador kindly visit your saviour ako Kikuyu Hsptl


Having introduced the terminology “GLOBAL WARMING” when he explained the long-term effect of Depletion of the Ozone Layer as a result of greenhouse gas emissions due to 1st world rapid industrialisation. Through him, UNISDR and UNEP have working Frameworks eg Kyoto Protocol, COP/MOP, HFA1 & now Sendai Framework for DRR. UNISDR Africa chapter kindly visit the Prof he is in need.

Lastly, through his own Africa Renaissance For Environmental Studies, he made it possible to draft our first ever National Disaster Management Policy recently ratified by the cabinet. Kenya NDOC, NDMU, President and CS Environment kindly visit the professor at Kikuyu Hospital

Dunya Riek Ali
A student of Prof. Muga
Sofadecca Kenya

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