The Kenya Young parliamentarians association in collaboration with the Luminous movement of Kenya held an event yesterday at St. Andrews youth hall Nairobi.

The theme of the conference was to give comrades a quorum to rent out legislative laws that they felt undermined democracy in universities. The conference went further ahead to drive on the country’s big four economic growth agendas and how comrades would participate effectively.

National leaders present in the forum cited corruption as the major reason why the country had failed to grow economically. The mp’s further advocated for the spirit of the handshake which would enhance the building of bridges that would enable the bridging of the gap created by defaulting economy.

His Tibimness Babu Owino further spoke about repealing of the Duale law on institution’s election, that had abolished the 1 man 1 vote system and instead advocated for the delegates system, which he sighted had led to sycophancy and instalment of puppets as student leaders by institution heads.

Babu Owino’s sentiments were further echoed by senator Sakaja who also promised to intercede on behalf of expelled and suspended comrades.

We hope and believe in KYPA members and through collaboration with them, comrades democracy shall be reinstated.

by: P. Muthui

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