My birthday was two months ago, I turned twenty-something years of age (No lady gives out her real age). Anyway, I was self-reflecting and it got me thinking what would I do differently if given the chance?. Well:

Work hard, smart and diligently in not only my studies but also my relationship with those around me.

Be an active church, this is very true, going to church listening to the priest then am done, no at least try and join a choir or something.

Learn how to Cook chapati, frankly, this is something at my age I should be good at, but alas am not.

Loosen up a bit, yes I have always been a bit uptight but been the firstborn does that to you. So dance a bit, jump a bit and simply relax.

Laugh a little more, yes its true laughter is the best medicine a dose to be taken from time to time as much as possible.

Exercise a bit more, It’s really annoying when walking becomes a bit more tedious than normal. A walk won’t hurt and neither will jogging.

Smile a little bit more, walking around with a gloomy face is not attractive but it’s scary. So scary that people back off.

Hang out with family and friends, because spending time with my family and friends means a lot, catching up on each other’s life is very important.

Yes if I was young I would do things a bit different but sadly I can’t go back to the past but instead, I can work on now and do a little bit differently. So if given the chance what would you do differently in your life?

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