Anything is better than nothing; at least this is what the Baudelaire orphans believe when their life is followed by a series of unfortunate events. If you love films and series that have ancient fictional settings like the harry potters then this series is for you. The series of unfortunate events is a story of three intelligent, wealthily raised children Violet, Klause and Sunny Baudelaire -a very adorable baby. They receive bad news to the loss of their parents following a house fire.

Through the bank, they are forced to live with the closest guardian Count Olaf, an evil man who uses cunning ways in an attempt to steal the Baudelaire’s fortune which they can only inherit when violet turns 18. Count Olaf is wicked; he mistreats them and makes them do a series of difficult chores. A life under anything they had ever lived, say From Prada to nada. He attempts to marry violet so that he can be the heir to their wealth but the orphans are able to escape. It is after this that secrets start to unveil and the children learn of their parent’s involvement in the secret organization.

Based on Lemony Snicket’s ‘a series of unfortunate events’ children books, this Netflix series will make you want more. Neil Patrick Harris -popularly known from the comedy ‘how I met your mother’– acts as Count Olaf and I could not think of anyone better to take up this role. Hating him is not a choice. You cannot fail to notice the finely done makeup and costume designs. If you like stories with happy endings, am sorry to inform you this might not be it. Season three is rumoured to be launched in 2019 so keep watch as events might just take another turn.

Although the theme song will constantly tell you to look away, you will find yourself glued to the screen to find out the next horrifying event of the Baudelaire’s. I just felt as if this was a very nice marketing strategy because often people will do what they have been warned against.

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