On 22nd August 2018, at around 11 am, as I headed to board a matatu at the railway’s station CBD, I noticed an illegal activity going on.

As a patriotic Kenyan, I opted to take videos and pictures of the criminal act in progress. Nairobi county askaris, in collusion with a Kenya police officer, were harassing and obtaining bribes from innocent and poor beba beba operators and touts.

They were equally taking trolleys used by those beba beba operators.

Upon realizing that I was taking pictures and videos, they quickly apprehended me and threw me inside their city council pick up.

Inside, their was a national police officer who immediately took my phone.

They then continued with their activities, I kept peeping through the window which had a wire mesh.

They kept on receiving bribes, those who had a thousand shillings and above were set free while some were still being arrested.

I was particularly taken aback when they apprehended one particular tout for allegedly touting at the wrong place. However, that was not true, that touting wa calling for passengers at the right place, at the correctly designated place.

I befriended that particular tout immediately he was thrown inside the pickup and requested him to assist me his phone for I wanted to make a phone call.

The first person I called was my girlfriend who I narrated to what had just happened and requested her not to tell any of our parents in the meantime.

So after thirty minutes or so, the pick up was full and therefore we were driven to Central Police Station.

At the station, I could hear murmur among the officers that I wanted to make them lose their jobs for trying to film them and expose them.

Before being locked up, I was given back my phone, asked to key in the password and forced to delete all the pictures and videos I had taken of the county askaris being bribed before again, confiscating it. However, I managed to keep a few, one clearly showing the face of their leader.

After being searched were locked up in the cells.

Of course, everyone gave out their phones and money they had except for a few who hid theirs.

Inside the cell, I noticed that one of my fellow in mates ,now, had a phone ,I requested him to assist me with it.

I phoned my father and told him I had been locked up at the central police station. I equally called my girlfriend and told her to call my dad as well.

When my father came, surprisingly, he was told I wasn’t around and that someone had already picked me up.

This raised a lot of questions. Why would they lie to my dad that I wasn’t in the cell, and if I had done something wrong, why would they set me free and on who is this person that had come to pick me?

My father, therefore, decided to call the same number that I had used to call him informing him that I had been arrested. I told him I was still in the cell.

Angry and frustrated, he demanded that he must see me before he leaves.

To cut a long story short, they allowed him to see me.

He also asked them what wrong had I committed and under which law were they holding me. There was no proper response.

Using his connections, he secured my freedom at around 9 pm, 10 hours later.

I later came to learn that I was to be executed late in the night, to conceal evidence that I had.

Many innocent Kenyans are murdered in the same manner, killed by those who are supposed to protect them from harm.

These are the cases that you hear someone got lost and is untraceable.

This is an anonymous user-generated article.

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