Employers seek individuals who bring new and unique ideas.

Whether you seek to be hired, promoted at your place of work or to start your own business, the truth remains; the world today is not for the average being anymore. You need to possess certain key skills that highlight your advantage over the rest of the competition. Here are some of the must have skills in 2019.

Flexible Cognition

Forget how physically flexible you are and think of how flexible your conversational approach is with the people you interact with. Opportunities present themselves in different ways. You, therefore, need to know the approach to take when communicating with your employer, colleagues, potential clients, competitors and partners.

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The most successful individuals owe their success to creativity. It entails critically thinking of innovative ways to develop and better your work, innovate new services or products as well as engage with interested customers. Employers seek individuals who bring new and unique ideas to solve any shortcomings and to introduce new products and services.


Job seeking is in itself, a job. Networking events bring different professionals together where they can exchange ideas, search for potential business partners and even some, potential employees. You therefore need to know how to put yourself out there, pitch your ideas and form relationships. Take advantage of online platforms. Companies today also interact with clients on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, which promote networking through digital marketing.

Profession-specific hard skills

Different professions require know-how. For instance, graphic designers should possess computer graphic skills such as advanced 3D modelling. Finance professionals, on the other hand, should possess knowledge in the different accounting and financial software used globally. Possessing hard skills is an asset in each niche. Besides scoring employment from proficiency in hard skills, you also have the know-how to start your own business and be an employer yourself!

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