For a typical student, getting through the four-year campus experience can be accompanied with success or failure. There are a number of activities that every student ought to be involved in before they graduate.

1. Build A Strong Network Of  Friends

Before stepping out of campus, make sure you have as many reliable friends as possible. It is said that good friends create perfect connections, so tap into your friends as invaluable resources. Once you leave campus, these are the very closest people you will have access to when searching for jobs.

2. Apply For Internships

While trying to gauge the different skills you have, internships play a key role in that process. Whenever you spot a post regarding internships, don’t hesitate to pen down that company plus its email address. University life is all about building on one’s skills, and what a better way to do that than to gain valuable experiences at different firms.

3. Take A Tour

You left high school with all freedom awaiting you in campus, so make use of it. Many parts of the country await you. Gang up with a few guys and tour such places, it could be a scenic beach, monument, historical site, or park. It won’t kill to do a little exploration.

4. Date

For those shy lads and lasses whose parents had complete control over their love life, now is the time to dip your toes into the dating scene. This could be one of the ways you could land a future partner in marriage.

5. Participate In Charity

Working for well-known non-governmental organisations like Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance could boost your resume. In reality, presenting your CV with an element of charitable work to an N.G.O could definitely help you get shortlisted.

5. Rave

Defined as a ‘lively party or gathering involving dancing and drinking’ by Google, it is definitely something every university student should experience.  Whether you are a freshman or a senior, partying is one thing you can’t avoid. Create memories with friends and enjoy the nightlife in moderation, of course.

6. Appreciate The Person Who Paid Your Tuition

This is very important whether that person is your family member or family friend. So, to show him/her that you’re grateful go an extra mile, besides the usual “thank you”  and maybe bake him a cake, frame his favourite picture or do anything that will display appreciation.

7. Try Something New

Try something you’ve never done before. This ranges from playing a musical instrument, learning another language, or preparing a foreign meal.

8. Take A Fashion Risk

Dye your hair any colour you want, get that crazy haircut, torn jeans and all kind of jewellery. It’s your time. After all, you are only young once, seize the day and take a fashion risk.


This article was first written by Capital Campus Contributor Willie Blair.


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