Receptionist spends not one but a 160 million shillings on twenty houses. This is the headline that hit us recently. I’m not the only Kenyan asking myself the question “How?” Honestly, how is that possible especially with the current economy? Then you remember, Oh! I’m a Kenyan in Kenya, and this is Kenya, this is […]

I was in a jav a couple of days ago exhausted… and frustrated. Mpesa had jammed for over three hours and that completely paralyzed my planned out self-date. So there I was, down five feet from cloud nine with no money. I get into the jav and the matt driver is already chatty with me. […]

What is the most important part of communication? For most people, it seems as it is talking. And in a lot of cases, it is that the talking in itself is completely pointless. The best example is small talk. Here it is not so important what is said and if the said is true. Small […]

Let’s not fool ourselves, most guys in their 20s or even late teens have regular casual sex, so I am not here to preach total abstinence from sex. I am here to speak on the benefits of abstaining from sex for a period of time (maybe 4-8 weeks) and then going back to it. The […]

Do you think being successful is always hard? probably no!. The first question you should know is your definition of success. One main reason why many people always never achieve success is that they don’t know their own definition of success. Don’t open a dictionary looking for the definition of success! all you need to […]

What should we do during our youths to secure bright future?.  What should we do as youths to be who we want to be at 30?. Is there the easy, easier or easiest way to be a millionaire?. These are some of the questions that each and every youth ask him/herself every day, if you […]

The battle between East coast and West coast hip-hop cultures has been in existence for years and years. There are a lot of arguments going on between East coast or West coast in terms of best hip-hop. But the question is “Is there an answer?”, most definitely no. But again why?. We definitely know that […]

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