The current chairperson, University of Nairobi Student’s Association, Miss Ann Mvurya has asked comrades to subscribe to a YouTube account under the name Anne Mvurya TV. She announced the formal launch of the account which was opened on November 23, 2018, and so far had 25 subscribers and 77 views on the only video available. Mvurya continues to ask comrades country-wide to subscribe to the channel in order to get real-time opportunities. Also, comrades should prepare to get a showcase of a rich culture of comradeship, leadership insights and linkages, she adds.

She goes on to add a current announcement from the office of the Kenya University Students’ Organization saying that she has written to the management of South Nyanza Sugar Company Limited in regard to the recent layoff that affected most of the staff. The formal request was for the management to spare comrades on their industrial attachment. Miss Mvurya goes ahead to assure comrades that she remains tough on her resolve to make sure comrades are accorded an enabling environment for both study and work so as to ensure all comrades complete their studies in a timely fashion.

However, the comrades bring in their comments on the post, positive and negative both represented. One student asks her not to be quick in crowning herself KUSO chair as most students prefer Pwani University’s, Fikirini Jacobs. In addition to this comment about being KUSO chair, another comrade asks is it possible that being UNSA chairperson definitely makes one the KUSO chair as well? Considering Mvurya’s comments on her post.

Comrades lament “you can as well post the opportunities on social media the way you used to post your manifestos. Requiring that your fellow students subscribe to your TV channel to get services amounts to ridicule. Where do you expect students to get data to stream your TV channel? You are getting it wrong.” This is the thought of most of the comrades on the comment section. Wondering whether Miss. Mvurya is using her position to make money off comrades views on a social channel. Omenke jokingly adds, “YouTube Blogger Looking for 1k Subscribers and 4000 watch time Hours to Start Earning.” The comrade keeps going, another adding that Ann should stop doing business with the loyalty of students and should instead call corporates on a platform where they can interact with students for jobs. He goes on to ask who is Mvurya’s advisor. Comrades are angered that Miss Mvurya is, in broad daylight, trying to con them into supporting her ‘business ventures’ in the name of serving the comrades.

On the contrary, one comrade commends Miss Mvurya, saying “Good move. Comrades will now get to interact with their leader directly away from intermediaries and they will also get to follow up the leadership updates via the link. Am sure through live streaming comrades will also enjoy instant feedbacks from you. This I support fully and whoever don’t have data to stream their is free WiFi at Memphis just take your glass of wine or beer and interact with Queen as you all wait for a slayqueen or a slayking to give you goodies at the parking lobby later.”

What do you think? Is this a step totally selfish and without the interests of the comrades at heart or is it a legit service delivery channel? Where will the proceeds of the account go to once the account is monetised? What are these opportunities that Miss Mvurya is promising to make accessible to the comrades that she cannot offer on memos, notices, Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook as she has been doing?

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