At the current state our nation is in, it must be high time we lay aside all our assumptions. We probably think our parents and other mobile workers in our country are in an ambush, have you thought about ten years down the line from now? I mean, we hear their cries every day, their wages are probably not enough, they are not paid on time, VAT increase and so much more. So much is going on, so much that is leaving us in a devastating state.

When I sit and gather around all these thoughts, it breaks my heart when I think about us, the youth. We have been burdened with so much to bear in our near future which we are blinded to see. Our country has been trapped with so many debts which are becoming difficult to pay up. That is why things like VAT have to increase, the government is looking for ways to reduce these debts but even still their directives are not promising. Why? Well, for starters money allocated to them is laundered even before its purpose, leaving the country with two major losses, underdevelopment and money laundering.

Currently the Chinese are doing plenty for us that got a couple thinking they have good intentions. Well, the Chinese are so wise, they get billions from us and long-term contracts that are benefiting them at a high rate. None of us should ever get it twisted that they care so much or are here to help. They only want to burden us with debts and make us unable to pay. This brings me back to the youth who are out there tracing jobs or either are in learning institutions that still got so much going on. Either lecturers or students are on strike every now and then. We are not ready for the future predicaments.

If our country will not show a positive response, the future generation will be in more danger than it is already. If we take a look at the job industry, media systems for example centre around the same people. The youth are rarely taken in as work experience is a major setback. NRG radio, for example, got so many applicants only to no avail. Social media influencers widely known got the job. So many qualified people went back home. This was definitely an added advantage to the company but can we term it to be fair?

Former citizen news presenter Kanze Dena is yet another example. After her promotion by the President so many flocked asking for the job. She was later replaced by Kadzo Gunga who has been reporting for the media house for some time now. We may not have experience in various fields as much as we would want to but look at us we are so smart, very energetic and have a lot to give out there but are denied the chance. If only companies and firms would let us prove our worth we would definitely seize the opportunity and not disappoint them. For now, all we have left is hope, we are only left to believe that change will take its course as soon as possible and rescue us from the future in which we have been ambushed in.

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