Recently elected University of Nairobi Chairperson, Ms. Ann Mvurya is fighting to retain her position after her main opponent, Mr Samuel Ayoma  claimed the events that led to Ms. Mvurya’s victory were unfair. Mr. Ayoma challenged Ms. Mvurya’s victory before a special tribunal, asking that it be nullified since the electoral process was not credible. The former garnered 8 votes while Ms. Mvurya scooped a whole 24 votes, thus becoming the first lady student chairperson at the University.

According to the Daily Nation, Ms. Mvurya appeared before the tribunal accompanied by her advocate but the case was pushed to Tuesday following a request by Ayoma. The tribunal is chaired by a city lawyer.

Apparently, Mr. Ayoma is not the only one that thought the election was unfair, Mr. Orina Makori, National University Student’s Union chairperson also claimed that Ms. Mvurya was elected unfairly.

The University of Nairobi elections were carried out in April using the electoral college method of voting, where faculties divided into electoral colleges choose representatives to elect leaders instead of the whole university population. Was Ms. Mvurya’s victory questionable? Let us know!

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