Beauty Secrets every Campus girl must know.

If you have started experimenting with make-up, an act that almost every university girl has probably started or at the moment made a daily routine then you are in the right place.

Teenage is the most crucial stage of life. It is the time when a girl discovers her femininity and presenting it is a major deal. Here are some of the most important Beauty Secrets every girl should have at their fingertips.

Make Up Tips

Girl’s skin is very sensitive and can react to any make up brand, so before you buy any make up product you should be aware of its properties or even ask from the make-up manager. This also comes in handy with your skin tone, for example if you have a wonderful pout, apply a lip gloss or lips tick of a flattering shade.

Lip Care Tips

It is scientifically proven that a lady’s lips are 98% sensitive and most of the time end up dry. Some girls have developed a regular habit of licking but a permanent solution is investing in a good chapstick. Chapsticks do not pigment the lips but make them look soft and silky.


Nail Care Tips

We all understand the Campus life, sometimes you might be damn broke and for girls, visiting a salon for a manicure might not be possible. But to look good, you can shape your nails with a file and clip the uneven parts with manicure scissors. If you prefer natural look, you can apply a nail strengthener or neutral color like brown.

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