Wallace Huey says, “High values offer a broad vision. Broad vision gives rise to burning desire. Burning desire leads to focused intent. Focused intent stimulates committed action. Then God arranges the details”

We need to up our ante on capabilities to turn our lives around, to build up our knowledge, gain and develop skills. If our goal path is clear and every part worthwhile enough to tremendously change our lives, then this self-directed education is just part of the fun.

What we forget most often is, life truly begins at the end of our comfort zones, let’s not forget we have the power to take responsibility for what is within our control and to realize, rather than resist what is not and let that go, by being more self-aware, by responding rather than reacting, we can feel more inner peace and at the same time have more integrity, start to really be ourselves rather than meeting others’ expectations.We have that tendency, but CHANGE is a mighty word to sacrifice for COMFORT, we tend to confuse comfort for fulfilment and achievement thereby neglecting the need for change. Removing the cobwebs is easier said than done, but a step taken is all that is needed.


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