The University of Nairobi fraternity continues to mourn the death of 23 year old Geospatial Engineering student, Peter Kahogi Maina, alias Poppy, whose body was found dumped by the road on the Globe Cinema roundabout two days ago. Peter was strangled and his head hit with a blunt object according to a physical site analysis. Next to his lifeless body laid a partly conscious man who the killers thought was dead. The survivor was  identified as James Kilonzo, 26. He told police they were abducted from a popular club in Westlands in Nairobi, tortured and strangled before they were dumped there. Kilonzo seemed confused when he was found by the police, indicating that he might have been drugged.

As the Standard Digital reports, police later visited the club where the two had been and interrogated staff there. Preliminary findings have shown the two were pushed out of the upper floor of the club and taken to a waiting car at the ground floor where they were forced in there and taken to unknown destination. Reports indicate that the deceased man had physical injuries to suggest torture. The survivor too had bloodstains on his face. Police are now relying on various cameras on the roads and structures to trace the movements of the car that dumped the two there.

Two days down the line, comrades are angered that no visible action has been taken to find the murderers of the late Peter. Popular campus politician Ndege Sirkal posten on the New Comrades Forum begging comrades not to let Poppy’s death be in vain. His post goes; “The body of our fellow comrade is still lying cold in the mortuary and the killers of comrade Peter Kahugi Poppy are still out there… Nobody has been arrested and arraigned in court over the murder, no plan of action has been hatched,. Instead of focusing on non-issues, seek justice for Peter Kahugi… Please I beg of you, let the death of Poppy not be in vain.” Ndege is seconded by comrades who ask for a way forward.

“It has been more than two months since the brutal murder of Comrade Ocs Ragira; no culprit has been questioned, arrested or even arraigned in any court of law. The case has literally gone cold. Now, Peter Kahugi has been murdered and 100 hours later, no suspects have been arrested or arraigned in court. The night club where the comrade was allegedly killed is still operational and serving hot and cold drinks to customers as if nothing happened. Are the lives of comrades so worthless? Did the two die in vain? Are comrades’ leaders and student activists just waiting to attend Kahugi’s funeral and shout threats and take numerous selfies, then forget about the murder? It’s time for collective action from the current crop of comrades. A comrade’s death must never be in vain. Do something,even if the VC will die in the process, do something.” Ndege adds.

What will comrades do? Because these murders have become incurrent. All over the country, young lives are being snatched by careless and ruthless gangs and the cases go cold, as soon as we lay our comrades to rest. Just the other week, a student at Technical University of Mombasa David Mwaura Mwangi was brutally murdered in Kisauni and since then no information or action has been taken in regards to the ruthless action. Sometime last year, Rongo University student Sharon Atieno was murdered and dumped in a forest, her case is yet to be solved. Moi University student Ivy Wangechi was murdered infront of the public eye, but up until now, the obvious perpetrator of the act is yet to be judged. Is this going to be a trend where a university student is murdered, pictures and condolences go around social media and then even before the grave mound is flat we forget about the cases?

May the fallen comrades rest in peace. From all of us at Campus Radio, we extend our prayers and condolences to the University of Nairobi fraternity and Kahugi’s family, and hope that justice will be served in the many comrade murder cases.

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