“Buda tushike match ingine,” is a statement video game enthusiasts like to hear… A new chance to beat the opponent, a better chance to claim ‘respect’ and obviously get to humiliate their counterparts. You have probably watched hilarious videos depicting men’s reactions once they lose a match, never ceases to be funny.  I have watched men play countless games, even all the way past midnight, so engrossed and moved by the action that some even stand on couches to play even better. The adrenaline rush that an aggressive match gives individuals could be enough to make one outrun a lioness, just saying.

Did you know that video games activate the dopamine pleasure circuit? Studies carried out in the past attest to this, showing that individuals who play video games are intrinsically motivated to do their best and win, therefore polishing their ego. Have you played video games or watched your friends play? If yes, then you totally agree with me when I say video games are good for making an individual feel better about themselves.

Well, Campus Radio Kenya is here with the chance to crown you ‘FIFA Champ’ in the city. Introducing FIFA Saturdays, come and battle your way through other winners like yourself and get the chance to walk away with the weekly champ title, some cash and of course, your pride and dignity! Do you have what it takes to be a FIFA champion? Well, sign up at https://forms.gle/hnUZHHWht8hxreim9 to enter the competition and maybe, just maybe you could be our lucky first winner this coming Saturday.  Games start at Round of 16 i.e. 16 participants, and winner takes home a whooping Ksh. 6,000.00 and second place takes home Ksh. 3,000.00. There will be no prize money for the third and subsequent positions.

So, tell me who is the best at FIFA in your crew? The one guy that always beats all of you at home and away tournaments? We all love our friends, up until they beat you at FIFA and start the obvious gloat.  So push them to sign up and see if they still gloat once they meet better opponents at the first tournament. Women are definitely invited too. Will be charming to see a woman win.

In case of any questions, DM us on Twitter @CampusRadioKE and Facebook at Campus Radio Kenya. We all look forward to meeting you!  

Campus Radio FIFA Saturdays, #BetOnYOURSELF

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