I have never had such mad respect for graduates as I have for them now. The amount of work put into the last year of study is just immense and calls for high discipline, drive and motivation. Teamwork is irrefutably core in these desperate times and so do not be cheated that you have the muscle to wither it down on your own. In any case, this is the time to hold onto your classmates, consult clarify and help out as well with other peoples work.

Heck, this is when you get to know your COD and dean of studies because it is the last round and they all play a key role in ensuring successful completion of course. With semesters being short and departments having crazy deadlines for work submission it is crucial for one to be alert and move as fast and with strategy in order to get work done. and get it done to perfection.

For one to finish a course, there is a menace called The Project that has to be completed and that right there is what I feel has cooked up a few of us. The idea and myth that it is hard and difficult has seen many wind down to the road of frustration with many giving up or being dismissed because of engaging in irregularities.

Being in the same position now, I can truthfully say that like any other thing, there is always a way around it and thus I will be highlighting ways of acing your project without any break of a sweat. Do not quote me though, it is a lot of work but that does not make it hard.


It is already known that the first semester of the last year is when the project is done. This gives you ample time to research and go through topics that you find interesting while seeing what other writers have done and their take on the same issue. This will help shape and create an outline of your thoughts while sticking to the path of the topic you have or are deciding to settle on. Take the time to also familiarise yourself with citation and how it’s done. Most probably there was a unit covered on research methods, have a look at the notes again and internalise them. This will help get you in the right state of mind clear of the knowledge of what is expected of you and how to go about delivering the best.


Planning is crucial. It helps eliminate the chances of procrastination. The project is already broken down to five chapters thus plan your time around it. Again, remember it is a unit out of the other seven units being covered that semester and thus do not let it consume all your time. Plan and purpose around completing each section within the time you have stipulated or the supervisor has postulated for you. Do not be casual about completing the project, have intent and treat it with urgency. Keep complacency at bay. This is serious.

Engage the supervisor

I know I have said that the other two points are crucial and important but this one is the mega-mom of crucial and important. The supervisor assigned to you is there to help develop the study. Engaging them allows you to get corrections that help in stirring your topic in the right direction thus making it measurable and researchable. They are also the ones who give authorization of your project allowing you to defend and complete the course and unit successfully. Some are usually unavailable and insist on sharing of work and feedback through WhatsApp and email. Beware as this can derail your progress and tempt you to continue to other chapters without a green light from them. That said, do not shy away from consulting from the available ones, get feedback and ensure you are on the right track. This aids in avoiding the frustration of getting your project dismissed.

Do not compare

Watch out for the mouthy know it all in the class. As much as I am an endorser of team work engaging with peers might highlight some weaknesses. It will be clear that this may not come as easy and naturally as it may for the rest and that does not make you any dumber. Protect your sanity by keeping in your lane. Do not let the progress of others in class derail you by worrying. Remember you have a plan and stick to it. Give it your all and pursue to get done and over with it as fast as you can but in your own terms.

I keep saying this, we only get to see the graduates throwing off their hats and taking cute pictures with their classmates all smiles because they have done it. Little is said about the other half of the class that did not make the cut. No one ever speaks about it and it does happen! This project can and will make you land on the uglee side of things if you do not get it done right.

Be smart and watch out before you become a statistic in my upcoming series of The Fallen Comrades.


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    I felt the pressure from the know it all

  • Posted November 23, 2018 8:59 pm 0Likes

    This is great advice. I wish I has read this before I did my project. It would have guided me better.
    I successfully completed mine and I can say that you’ve covered the issue perfectly.
    For those who haven’t yet done theirs make sure you heed the advice and tips given by Ann.
    Great piece. 😊😊

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