Jeopardy in the education system is warranting and worrying something the society should not take lightly. It reaches moments when even the most prominent are shaken by the aftermaths. CS education Amina Mohammed has a lot on her plate with regards to the rise in the teenage pregnancy that was recorded during the national examination period this year. But this isn’t something that started today, No it’s actually a trend traceable way back in 2014 but the nature of Kenyan ignorance will wipe out the entire 21st century generation.

According to Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Kenya (ASRH) July 2015, 18% of adolescent girls between the ages of 15-19 are young mothers especially amongst those with low levels of education, and lower income levels (Poverty). Well, the claims might be right because vulnerability might actually be a major cause of sexual influence and activities as many would always want to live a decent and most rewarding life. But that’s the situation in Kenya. Many will say specifically, “ Survival for the fittest” a slogan used and embraced by many but behind  the words are scars of darkness because what they get involved in to survive is worrying

Faith to Action Network conducted a research in 2016 and according to Kenya Demographic and Health Survey, (KDHS) (2014), 1 in every 4 girls has been pregnant. In Kenya 18% of adolescent girls between 15-19 years are mothers and the rate of childbearing varies across the nation. 13,000 drop out of school due to pregnancy as a result of discrimination and stigma. Statistics as per Adolescent Demographic Health Survey quarter of Kenyan women give birth by age of 18 and a half by 20 where the teen has either had birth or pregnant for her first child. With 3% girls in 15 and 40% in 19 adolescent birth rate is 96 per 1000 women.

United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) June 2016- July 2017, 378,397 adolescent girls age 10-19 got pregnant. Alarming enough 2018 14,000 teenage girls sat for their national exams while pregnant or immediately after delivery. 13,642 pregnancies recorded in Kilifi county adolescent between 10-19 years. Being more specific 40% Narok, 33% Homabay 29% West Pokot, 28% Tana River and Nyamira, 26% Samburu, 24% Migori, and 24 % Kwale. Quite scary and alarming. If those are the ones who sat for national examinations how many more girls are out there pregnant or nursing their newborn.

The ministry of education and government should closely consider the integration of Comprehensive sexual education that’s age appropriate in school or else be in for heavy bills on the health sector.

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