Brian Bera Kibet, a 5th year Mechanical Engineering student at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT) intruded the State House premises armed with a knife. This happens almost 4years after a man was arrested in 2015 within State House compound and when challenged to explain his mission  he said he wanted to meet his ‘friend’ President Uhuru Kenyatta. The man, who most are calling brave, gained access to the President’s residents after jumping over ‘Gate B’ a day after posting his intentions on Facebook.

Mr. Kibet has been bravely posting on his Facebook account, announcing his intentions to ‘attack State House’ in a ‘spiritual mission’. He claimed to have been sent by God. He referred to himself as ‘Prince of Ethiopia, formerly called Brian Kibet Bera’. In the posts, he claimed he would not allow himself  “to be captured because I will be tortured with drugs”.

State House spokesperson Ms. Kanze Dena has offered an update on the case, saying “We take this opportunity to remind the public that State House is a designated protected area under Protected Areas Act. For that reason no person is allowed access to the premises without permission.” Police guarding the premise shot him on the shoulder to incapacitate him after he defied an order to surrender. Brian was then apprehended and booked at Kilimani Police Station. Later, he was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment. Kilimani police boss Michael Muchiri has confirmed that the suspect has been admitted under tight security. Police are questioning whether he is mentally stable.

Kenyans have reacted differently on this matter. While some Kenyans think the student might have been under the influence of drugs, most think Brian Bera is a brave Kenyan who chose to grab the proverbial bull by its horns and deal with the rot in the Kenyan political scene. Some of the responses from guys on Twitter are as follows;

@ItsShark15; Brian Bera’s attack on State House was politically motivated and just shows how tired the youth are. This is what happens when a solitary mind is disturbed.

@naiblogger; It starts with the the thoughts Brian Bera from JKUAT had, We’re getting angry slowly. We will explode at last. Kenyans are tired.

@_Maina_Wachira; When people are so tired of enslavement and bondage that they’re no longer afraid to die, that’s when a revolution happens! The JKUAT student Brian Bera Kibet is only the first one to target the thieves residing there, Kenyans are tired

@snnyamao; I had at first sight superficially concluded that the young man Brian Bera was high on some cheap illegal Substance, But boy this Jkuat Student has a Revolutionary mind. He went to Statehouse for a reason. I like him now… We need such young men…

What are your thoughts on Brian’s actions?

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